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What we do

Unknown Locations is Chile’s first and only location library. Our mission is to grow the best resource of locations in Chile ever and to make your search for those locations simple. Whether you’re working on a project for film, photography, or a special event, if you can’t find your perfect location in our library let us know. We love a challenge!

Our Library KeepsGrowing

Our library is constantly being fed by the best location managers and scouts in the region. We collaborate with them to showcase their portfolios, often on an exclusive basis. This means you will always find fresh and previously unknown locations on our site. Even now, as you are reading this, our scouts are out there looking for exciting new places.


We know every brief is different and can match you with an experienced local scout. Each location is photographed to our standards so you can see its full potential and unique characteristics. We scout Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia. If you’d like to discuss your brief, please get in touch.

Know our team

Through the years we’ve built great relationships with production companies, location managers and scouts in the Chile.
We’re passionate about Chile

  • Mariana

    Managing Director

    A lover of Architecture, Photography and SFX she worked freelance in the advertising and film industry for production companies, image banks and Shepperton film studios for over 20 years.In 2008 Mariana moved to South America to work within production services there. She soon realized that in order to grow the local industry it needed to be elevated to international standards. Chile’s unique beauty and breathtaking landscapes was the perfect setting. In 2015 she began developing a company that would offer the best location services & scouting for both local and international crews. She has designed a comprehensive website of ready to shoot locations …this is Unknown Locations

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